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County Councillor Report (Jul 2022)

by Wendy Pattison – Tel. 07779 983072

And also on Facebook: Cllr Wendy Pattison

Photo portrait of Councillor Wendy Pattison

[All text and photos provided by Cllr Wendy Pattison and used with permission. Received: 25 June 2022.]


Northumberland Climate Change Fund

Climate change is a significant long-term challenge for the planet and for Northumberland. As a Council, we are committed to taking action to reduce the impacts climate change will have on all our lives long into the future.

Our Climate Action Plan 2021-23 outlines the significant role that everyone across Northumberland can play in achieving our goal to reach Net Zero Carbon emissions across the County by 2030. The Council has established the Community Climate Fund to enable community organisations to develop their own schemes to contribute to this goal.

For more information, please contact:

We are offering financial support to help the following organisations in Northumberland make changes to become more sustainable:

  • Voluntary and community groups
  • Registered charities
  • Constituted group or club
  • Community interest company (CIC)
  • Social enterprise
  • Parish Councils
  • Faith groups may also apply, provided their projects are inclusive

Beneficiaries must be domiciled in Northumberland.

This list is not exclusive, but the grant could be used to support activity for such as:

Through the Community Climate Change Fund, two opportunities are available. The list is not exclusive, but the grant could be used to support activities such as:

Small bid: up to £1,000:

  • Event equipment
  • Promotional materials
  • One off hire cost
  • Tree planting
  • Energy audits/EPC ratings/retrofit assessments
  • Community orchards or forests
  • Larger events or series of events

Bigger bid: up to £5,000:

  • Renweable energy/retrofitting
  • Paid community positions
  • Can be used to match fund larger projects, but cannot be used to match fund other Council funded projects

To apply, projects must be a new initiative, demonstrate longevity and show a commitment to engaging the wider community to encourage action on climate change.


  • Projects or activities that do not have a climate-focus or do not align with the Council’s Climate Change Action Plan
  • Entertainment licenses, road closures, and traffic management
  • Core organisational costs, such as transport and premises
  • Goods and services already purchased
  • Personal attire, such as sports kits and uniforms
  • Tourism/visitors
  • Social excursions
  • Food and hospitality
  • Loan repayments
  • Fundraising
  • Annual or repeat funding
  • Consumables
  • Parish allotments
  • Religious or political activities
  • Projects or events that would otherwise already be funded

The funding will be allocated within the financial year in two rounds, with a potential third round, until the budget is fully allocated.

Grant Details

  • Small bid: up to £1,000
  • Bigger bid: up to £5,000
  • 100% intervention rate (no match funding required)
  • Cannot be used to match other funding from the Council
  • Delivered in at least 2 rounds throughout the year until the budget is fully allocated
  • Deadline 2 – 14 October 2022

As an organisation, you are allowed to submit one application of your choice per round of funding. If your organization is successful in the first round, they can reapply in a subsequent round however the total grant to that organization will have a combined upper limit of £5,000.00.

Embleton Quarry Nature Reserve

Who we are and what we’re doing?

Embleton Quarry Nature Reserve is a former whinstone quarry. It is designated as a Local Wildlife Site, owned and managed by the community of Embleton. The quarry is home to a huge variety of plants and animals, some of which are quite rare and linked to particular habitats. We are managing the site to protect and enhance these habitats.

Our other goals are to improve public access, protect historic interest and encourage environmental education. Whether walking the dog, bird watching or exploring history, the quarry offers a peaceful place for exercise, relaxation and connecting with nature. There is no charge to visit the site and it is open all day and evening.

Please note there is no toilet and no parking on site.

Accessibility – Embleton Community need your feedback!

We are working to improve accessibility to this wonderful place, but we need your feedback and advice so we know how to make it even better. The site is an old quarry so the ground can be difficult and uneven in places. Currently the Nature Reserve is wheelchair accessible (with care) along the yellow trail, shown on the plan. Please expect some dips in places. The route in from the Quakers Row entrance slopes down into the quarry. The gradient isn’t large but returning up the slope may be a little difficult for those who are self propelling. With support or a powered chair this slope shouldn’t be an issue.

How you can help us

We would like you to visit the site and let us know about your experience there. Are our paths as accessible as we think they are? What can we do to make your visit easier?

Please get in touch to tell us what you think. It’s only by listening to you that our reserve will become even better. Just drop us an email


Nearest parking: On the grass outside the Quakers Row entrance, in the centre of the village or beside the Whinstone View entrance.

Nearest public toilet: Parish Church Room, by the roadside at the bottom of the church footpath.

Tourist Signs

The objective of brown & white signs is to meet the local and strategic needs of visitors and road users in general. Their implementation will be consistent with safe and efficient traffic management and with minimal impact on both the built and rural environment.

Applying on a minor (B) road
If you would like to make an application for tourism signs, the Northumberland County Council policy document and application form can be downloaded. In the event of signs being agreed, all costs related to the design and implementation of the signs must be met by the applicant.

Applying on a major (A) road
Should any of the tourist signs being requested be on a trunk road (A1, A19, A69), then applications must be assessed by National Highways.

Morpeth to Ellingham – A1

DUALLING OF THE A1 – Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps has delayed his decision on National Highways A1 upgrade in Northumberland for the second time.

Mr Shapps was due to rule on the planning application for the A1 upgrade between Morpeth and Ellingham in January, however he pushed his decision back to June for further consideration of environmental matters. However, he has now asked for more time to consider the application and will now not make a decision until December. This time, Mr Shapps has asked for more time in light of recommendations made by Sir Peter Hendy in the Union Connectivity Review. The £261M A1 Morpeth to Ellingham project was earmarked to start construction between July and September 2022, with Costain lined up as principal contractor. The project is expected to finish in 2024/25.

Recruitment drive for home-grown talent

Apprenticeships available – apply now

Northumberland County Council has vacancies for more than 60 apprenticeships, offering a range of career opportunities for people across the county.

The recruitment drive is part of the council’s ongoing commitment to provide high-quality career pathways, with over 400 new recruits starting their career journeys via an apprenticeship in the last three years. Entry and higher-level roles are available across many different departments, from construction to social care from Level 2 to Level 6 Degree Apprenticeships.  

Civil Engineering Apprentice Darcy Russell is using her apprenticeship to fulfil her ambition: “My apprenticeship is only the beginning; next I want to go onto a degree apprenticeship and in the future become a site manager.  

“My apprenticeship has given me the confidence to reach for my goals, so if you’re thinking about doing an apprenticeship, just go for it.” 

Over 100 apprentices have been recruited in the past year alone. Supporting home-grown talent, keeping skilled workers in the region and enabling learners to reach their full potential is what apprenticeships are all about. 

Apprenticeships are open to everyone aged 16 and over not in full-time education. They can take between one to six years to complete, depending on the level chosen and whether candidates have any prior experience, all whilst earning a wage. 

Whether you are looking for an apprenticeship now, or considering it in the future, don’t miss out on this opportunity to join one of the region’s largest employers. Apply for one of over 60 available roles:  

For information about apprenticeships with Northumberland County Council go to, email: or texting ‘APPLY’ to 07929 746545. 

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