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Community Garden Improvements

In addition to the new wall to protect the well in the Powburn Community Garden, further improvements are well underway.

A planter that will be used to create a bed of red roses has been constructed and installed at the Breamish Valley War Memorial. The angular, U-shaped wooden planter was made to the same high standards as the Bolton Road Sign Planters and the Powburn Road Sign Planters by Chris Armit from Newcastleton (Chris constructed the Bolton and Powburn planters).

Close up photo of u-shaped wooden planter

The planter will be used as a backdrop to the war memorial:

Photo of wooden planter behind war memorial
Planter behind war memorial (the walled well is top right)
Photo of war memorial in front of wooden planter
Planter will be a backdrop for the war memorial

Several Captain Sir Tom Roses are to be purchased and bedded in the planter. For every rose purchased, a donation of £2.50 will be made to the The Captain Tom Foundation. The roses will not be available until October, so there will be a short while before they can be enjoyed by visitors.

And yesterday (19 May 2021), Robbie Burn (Project Lead for the War Memorial) finished creosoting the planter to ensure that it will last for many years.

Landscape photo of garden showing war memorial and planter
New planter creosoted and in position

As well as creosoting the planter, Robbie has also treated the fence around the garden that was installed immediately prior to the War Memorial Dedication.

Photo showing treated fence around community garden
Treated fence
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