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Community BBQ 2018 snaps

BBQ 2018 snaps

The Community BBQ organised to celebrate the recent Breamish Hall fundraising success went ahead in sweltering weather in the Powburn Community Garden on Saturday 7 July 2018.

As this was also the same afternoon as the mighty England football team were playing their quarter final game of the World Cup against Sweden, Sid Smailes had managed to hook up a TV, so no one who was interested missed out.

From the snaps below, taken by Robbie Burn, it looks like everyone had a great time – with plenty of food and cool drinks.

Community BBQ 2018 snaps 1

Community BBQ 2018 snaps 3

Community BBQ 2018 snaps 4

Community BBQ 2018 snaps 5

All images provided by Robbie Burn (© Robbie Burn 2018). Used with permission.


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