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Colours of sunset (Feb 2016)

The colours of sunset at Powburn

Back in mid-August 2015, I posted some photos of stunning Powburn sunsets.

Well, I’m not sure if you saw the amazing skies around Powburn, looking towards the Cheviots, last night? Margaret noticed them first at around 6.15pm and called me to comae and take a look. They sky was ablaze with ochres, reds, crimsons and deep blues. I took a few shots from my garden and then jumped into my car to rush around to the lane that runs from the A697 just near the Manse towards The Branton Lakes. I had to work quickly, as the light was changing moment by moment. By the time I’d snapped my last photo, at around 6.30pm, it was all over. The sun had dropped behind the hills, leaving the Cheviots illuminated by a grainy, yellow-grey late twilight.

Anyway, if you didn’t manage to see the sunset last night, here are a few of my images. I hope you enjoy them.

Cheviot colours of sunset Powburn

Looking towards the Cheviots (you can still see the snow on the peaks)

horse road colours of sunset Powburn

Looking along the lane towards Branton Lakes

colours of sunset Powburn 2

The colours of sunset at Powburn


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