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Co-op Rear View

Another image of the former Hedgeley Co-operative Society store in Powburn has been added to the Breamish Valley Photographic Collection: specifically, as part of the Breamish Hall Heritage Project investigating the history of the Breamish Hall.

The image compliments three other photographs for which licences for use were obtained from Northumberland Archives (a sponsor of the Northumberland Village Halls Project), i.e.

Disused Co-op Store 1

Disused Co-op Store 2

Man at Disused Co-op Store

The new image shows the former Co-op store from the rear and is dated between 1966 – September 1973. You can view its details page via the button link below:

Disused Co-op Rear View [Ref: BVPC0453]


You can also view the image in the context of the period of time when the Co-operative store had fallen into disuse and was about to be developed into the new Breamish Village Hall via the following:

Header image showing photo of Hedgeley Co-op pre 1923
Buying the Co-op
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