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Children’s play area (Powburn)

Dedicated children’s play area

Powburn is fortunate to have a wonderful children’s play area. It’s just next to the Community Garden, alongside the Pow Burn stream. The play area has fencing all around to keep children away from the stream and the road. However, as with all play areas, parents and adults-in-charge should supervise children at all times. The play area is unsupervised.

The children’s play area is managed and maintained by Hedgeley Parish Council who conduct an annual safety check of the park area and equipment.

It’s a wonderful space for children and adults alike to relax. There are plenty of benches for sitting down and watching the fun!

During the spring and summer months, Northumberland County Council mow the grass regularly: keeping it neat and tidy. Hedgeley Women’s Institute looks after the planters, ensuring there’s a lovely display of flowers throughout the growing season.

Benches in children's play area
One of several benches in the children’s play area (Powburn)
Climbing frame in children's area in Powburn
Climbing frame
Toddler swings in children's play area in Powburn
Toddler swings
Ame enjoying the swing in Powburn
Amé Melise enjoying a swing
Zip wire in children's play area in Powburn
Zip wire and swings for bigger children

Please note

To protect the health of our children, animals (including dogs) are not allowed in the children’s play area.

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