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Cheviot Views online (March 2016)

Cheviot Views online: No 25, March 2016

The latest issue of Cheviot Views: the newsletter for Hedgeley Parish is now available and, if you’re a resident of Hedgeley Parish, it should be dropping through your letterbox any moment.

A few of the highlights of our SILVER EDITION include:

  • How we got here – Jen Armstrong explains how, from a first edition funded by a grant from the Carr-Ellison Family Trust and a donation from Vera Purvis of Titlington, we have published 25 issues of our Parish newsletter over the past six years.

  • Of this Parish – Richard Poppleton is in conversation with local Civil Engineer and Bee-keeper, Ian Robson of Powburn.
  • Dialect Poet – James Tait our ‘resident’ poet tells us a little about himself and provides his latest seasonal offering, ‘Snaa on Cheviot’.
  • The Night Sky (Spring 2016) – Peter Slater identifies some of the main astronomical sights to look out for in our International Dark Sky Park.
  • And more…

You can download Cheviot Views No.25 here.


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