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County Councillor Report (Nov-Dec 2017)

County Councillor Report

October 2017

by Wendy Pattison – Tel. 07779 983072


I would like to wish Hedgeley Parish Council and All Residents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2018. I do hope that you will all be able to take some time out from your busy lives to enjoy the festivities with your family and friends. I rely very much on your input and feedback to let me know when things in your area are not right and are not working as they should be and I want to ensure during 2018 that I can continue to help make improvements throughout Hedgeley Parish.

Hedgeley Parish Council Meeting (Dec 2017)

Hedgeley Parish Council Meeting

The September 2017 Quarterly Meeting of Hedgeley Parish Council is to be held on:

Tuesday 05 December 2017


in the Breamish Hall, Powburn

An agenda for the meeting is available here

All recent documentation for any Hedgeley Parish Council Meeting can be downloaded here

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