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Hedgeley Parish Council Meeting (Sep 2017)

Hedgeley Parish Council Meeting

The September 2017 Quarterly Meeting of Hedgeley Parish Council is to be held on:

Wednesday 06 September 2017


in the Breamish Hall, Powburn

An agenda for the meeting is available here

All recent documentation for any Hedgeley Parish Council Meeting can be downloaded here

Hedgeley Parish Council

Hedgeley Parish Council information

Brahma hens

More hens than people?

There was a time, not so long ago, when the casual visitor to Powburn could have been forgiven for thinking that there were substantially more hens than people living in the village! So, it’s perhaps understandable that, given we need a lot of eggs for the B&B, it wasn’t long before a flock of utility hens were added to the garden.

War Memorial Project: update Jun 2017

Breamish Valley War Memorial Project

Can you help?

I have identified 31 men from the area that died during the two world wars.

I am having difficulty however with two names from WWI:

R.J. Redpath from Wooperton served with the RFA. Probably the Royal Field Artillery.

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