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Branton Lakes Nature Reserve wildlife report 2016

Wildlife report 2016

Following the transfer of ownership of Branton Nature Conservation Area/Branton Ponds from Cemex to the Hedgeley Estate, it was felt important to collect as much data as possible on the state of the wildlife on the site.

Consequently, Alnwick Wildlife Group (AWG) took the lead in compiling data. Almost all the records have come directly from members of AWG or from visits organised by AWG members. In particular, Ian and Keith Davison visited the site on an almost daily basis and have contributed the majority of the bird records and the ‘other sightings’ records. In addition, Stewart Sexton and Alan Fairclough organised a moth trapping night, and Richard Poppleton organised all the botanical survey visits.

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Cheviot Views online (December 2016)

Cheviot Views online: No 28, Dec 2016

The latest issue of Cheviot Views: the newsletter for Hedgeley Parish is now available and, if you’re a resident of Hedgeley Parish, it should be dropping through your letterbox soon.

A few of the highlights include:

  • The Last Swallows – by Hugh Tindle: “The last weekend in September turned out to be quite exceptional for swallows. Over the two days, dozens of birds gathered over the Powburn football field. Young birds rested on the fence wires on the far edge of the field while adults skimmed over the pasture, feeding on insects perhaps disturbed from the grass by the grazing sheep…”
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Help us support village halls

A message from Community Action Northumberland

Dear friend,

As you know, village halls are at the heart of our communities in Northumberland. They offer a place for groups to get together, children to play, people to learn new skills, and family and friends to celebrate. Village halls are a focal point for the local community.

But we know they need support to survive. Behind the scenes, it is you as trustees and management committees that keep village halls going – and you need support and training to fulfil your roles.

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What is a smart meter?

Following on…

Following the success of the first Warm Hubs Event in Powburn, Community Action Northumberland has provided the following relevant information to further help people reduce their energy bills.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters. They show you the amount of energy you use as you use it and how much you are spending in pounds and pence. Your energy supplier(s) will install at no cost to you, this will replace your old meter:

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County Councillor report (Dec 2016)

Road danger on the A697

by Councillor Kate Cairns

I am extremely concerned about the number of HGV crashes in and around Powburn, and road safety on the A697 in general, especially following the incident of the overturned lorry recently. The risk posed by HGVs to those outside the cab is far higher than that for any other vehicle. We must do our utmost to protect the people of Powburn and users of the notorious A697. An ‘accident waiting to happen’ is no accident.

Northumberland County Council (NCC) appointed a consultant to assess the whole stretch of the A697 and a phase of intervention measures was proposed and has commenced.

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Building work Plough Inn

NOTICE: Building work Plough Inn, Powburn

Hedgeley Estates have advised us of the following:

“Some builders etc who will be in the Plough Inn car park and doing work around the property.

MGM are scheduled to start the work around 7th November but, as yet, a full schedule is still in preparation.

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Anonymous donation to Fistula Hospital

Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa

Regular readers of Cheviot Views newsletter will likely know of the work of Beryl and John Parr who regularly raise funds for the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

They frequently do this by running a charity shop in Wooler, selling almost anything if it is in a good, saleable condition and, where applicable (e.g. electrics), in working condition. Items such as clothes, household goods, bric-a-brac, toys, tools, sports equipment, children’s things and books are always welcome. Small items of furniture can often also be accommodated and sold. Videos can’t be sold but old vinyl records do sell quite well.

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Cheviot Views online (September 2016)

Cheviot Views online: No 27, September 2016

The latest issue of Cheviot Views: the newsletter for Hedgeley Parish is now available and, if you’re a resident of Hedgeley Parish, it should be dropping through your letterbox any moment.

A few of the highlights include:

  • Sign of the times – Dave Holdsworth explains what the Glanton Hertiage Group is doing to preserve vintage signposts in our area.
  • Titlington Pike triangulation point – Jen Armstrong explains a little about the history of triangulation points with reference to our own nearest one on Titlington Pike.
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