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How to request a name is added to the Roll of Honour

Provision for adding names

The Breamish Valley War Memorials Project (BVWMP) acknowledges that there may be omissions in the list of names currently included in the Roll of Honour. Therefore, we have made provision for names to be added. The procedure for requesting a name is added is set out below.

Roll of Honour inclusion criteria


The War Memorials Trust indicates that “…there are no definitive rules about the names and inscriptions on war memorials.” Consequently, communities have used different criteria to determine who is commemorated, and so on. The Breamish Valley War Memorial Project (BVWMP) has determined that the purpose of the Breamish Valley War Memorial and Roll of Honour is to:

Master craftsmen at Hedgeley

An account given by Robbie Hall in 1980

My grandfather, Robert Hall was born at Brandon White House in 1813. In 1825 he was apprenticed to James Stewart (for six years) who was a shoemaker in Powburn. His indenture, which we still have in the family, is interesting in that it lays down rules for both Master and Apprentice:

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