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A history of Powburn

By John Taylor

Hedgeley Parish lies at the extreme southern edge of the great prehistoric Glendale lake. As the land forms changed and natural drainage took place, human life began to shape the landscape as we know it.

Master craftsmen at Hedgeley

An account given by Robbie Hall in 1980

My grandfather, Robert Hall was born at Brandon White House in 1813. In 1825 he was apprenticed to James Stewart (for six years) who was a shoemaker in Powburn. His indenture, which we still have in the family, is interesting in that it lays down rules for both Master and Apprentice:

A History of the A697


Living here at Powburn, the A697 is a road we use all the time. So, it is interesting to take a moment to consider its history and to look at why it developed here, since the history of the road and the village are connected.

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