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Advent 1

Advent: the four weeks before Christmas

Whether or not you count yourself as religious, spiritual, agnostic or whatever, the anticipation of Christmas each year seems to me to be a wonderful thing. Today is the first day of Advent 2020 – advent being the time in the liturgical year encompassing the four weeks before Christmas.

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Waiting for Fall

Waiting for fall of…

It’s inevitable that, in the countryside, the landscape changes from year to year. Rivers erode their banks, animals eat shrubs and the wind breaks branches and trees.

There is a row of trees near Ingram that I’ve been fond of photographing for several years now. When I took my first photo of them back in February 2012 there was snow on the ground:

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Last of the Autumn Leaves 2020

Autumn leaves don’t last…

It’s been a great year for vibrant coloured autumn leaves along the lanes where we live this year. It’s been a real joy to see the ochres, umbers, purples, yellow, golds, reds and russets. But…nothing lasts forever, and the leaves are almost gone now. But as the deciduous trees shed most of their leaves for the winter, the larches are still holding onto their needles as they turn a wonderful yellow-brown-gold. Again, what’s not to like?

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A Little Firework Fun 2020

Family firework fun

At a time during the second UK national lockdown when we were all unable to attend organised Bonfire Night firework displays, it was nice to see from my window that at least one family was making the most of things up on the old railway line in Powburn, well away from anyone. It was lovely to hear the sound of a child laughing and squealing in delight, as the fireworks were let off one by one by their daddy. And you couldn’t help but see the wonderful flashes of light in the near darkness at the back of Powburn near the Dene. Lifted the spirits!

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