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Water Power

Water power erodes riverbank

We all know, or should know, that water has the potential to cause devastation. How many times have we heard stories of cars being swept downstream, when a driver attempted to drive through a flooded ford only a few centimetres deep?

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Lambs together

Anyone know of, or even remember, The Spinners? Not our own Northumberland Spinners but the British folk group that peaked at number 14 in the album charts in 1971. Yes, a long time ago, eh? Well, the first LP I ever bought (for the younger ones among us, this is what’s currently called ‘a vinyl’) was ‘Black and White’ by The Spinners. It featured a song unsurprisingly called ‘Black and White’, the third verse of which reads as follows:

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Spring Baby

Spring baby lambs and cows

Well, I think we’re all agreed that 2020 was quite a year! Sometimes it seems to have dragged and dragged and, at other times, it seems to have flown by. Regarding the latter, I can hardly believe that a year’s gone by since I was photographing Liddle Lamzy Diveys.

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The Ringses

Our ancient heritage

Situated on Beanly Moor is The Ringses: a small Iron Age hillfort. This fortified enclosure is made from three not-quite-circular concentric banks and ditches, measuring about 46m by 43m at the widest point.

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