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Hare Today, Gone…

Hare today at Brandon

Saw this brown hare (Lepus europaeus) briefly in open farmland between Brandon and Ingram.

Hares are fairly easy to identify (is it a rabbit or is it a hare?) by their long, black-tipped ears and relatively large size – they grow from 50-70cm long. It has a golden-brown coat and a white tail.

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Photographing Mushrooms with a Mobile Phone

Photographing mushrooms

Mushrooms are fascinating subjects for nature photographers, especially in autumn when they are abundant and diverse. However, photographing mushrooms can be challenging, as they are often small, low to the ground, and surrounded by clutter. In this blog post, I’ll share some tips on how to photograph mushrooms with a mobile phone, using its built-in camera app and some accessories.

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Snake in the Grass

Adders at Branton Lakes

We’re well into April now and I’ve only just seen my first adder of the season! This isn’t for any peculiar nature phenomenon – such as the snakes emerging much later – but rather that I hadn’t had an opportunity to go looking for them until yesterday.

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