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Adders on the Sunny Side of the Street

Adders on the sunny side near Branton

During the recent heavy snow of the Beast from the East, adders were difficult to find. However, as soon as there was some respite, they could be spotted quite easily once more on the sunny side of the street!

Snow Cannon

Snow Cannon keeps firing

Beast from the East? The Siberian Bear? Well…the Swedes are calling it the Snow Cannon.

And so it continues…although the Breamish Valley has now been downgraded from an amber warning to a yellow warning. So, we’re approaching the end of this highly-unusual severe weather event that’s swept across Europe. Phew!

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Siberian Bear brings more snow to Breamish Valley

Siberian Bear continues the freeze

What’s in a name?

The UK calls it the Beast form the East. The Dutch call it the ‘Siberian Bear’.

Well…whatever you want to call the current unusual weather conditions that are gripping Europe – it’s certainly cold…and the snow is persistent.

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