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Camera van deployed

Photo: (L-R) Mr Neil Snowdon (NCC Traffic Management Officer); County Cllr. Wendy Pattison; Cllr. Robbie Burn

Camera van deployed in Powburn

Following the installation of new road signs throughout Powburn in January 2018, Cllr. Robbie Burn (Chair, Hedgeley Parish Council) was able to report that there was a camera van deployed in Powburn by the Northumbria Police Camera Enforcement Unit on 1 February 2018.

This is very good news for the residents of Powburn which is a speeding hot spot.

Immediate effect

The camera has been operating in the area over recent days and is already having an immediate effect in reducing traffic speeds. The camera has also recorded many speeding motorists (98 during a two-day period; six of whom were travelling over 50mph and so will face an automatic court summons).

High definition

The camera in the van captures high definition video of traffic travelling both north and south and can capture vehicles from 20 metres up to 1 km away. It can detect speeding drivers, anti-social driving such as seat belt offences, those disposing of litter, and drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel.

Crackdown continues

The speed camera van will be situated in the village at various times and locations for the foreseeable future.

Long road to success

Efforts to have a speed camera enforcement van sited in Powburn date back to the first Stop Speeding! Campaign meeting on 1 February 2013 when residents were informed that “Powburn is not a designated area for the mobile speed camera van.

However, campaigning behind the scenes has gathered pace over the past year or so. County Councillor Wendy Pattison had set out her intentions to reduce speeding prior to her election:</span

I am absolutely delighted that the residents of Powburn will now benefit from the speed camera signage and ultimately the slowing down of all traffic through the village. When I was first canvassing for election in early 2017 and before I was elected as the Longhoughton Ward County Councillor, I made an election promise to Hedgeley residents that I would do my very best to improve and prevent the current speeding issues. Wendy Pattison

Robbie Burn – who continues as the Stop Speeding! Campaign lead – commented:

I’m really pleased that the camera van is here and that it is having an immediate effect in curbing the excessive speeding of the traffic travelling through the village. Powburn is a speeding hotspot with a high volume of traffic including many heavy goods vehicles. The camera will act as a massive deterrent and a clear reminder to drivers that they are passing through a residential area.

Many thanks

Wendy Pattison has publicly acknowledged the support of Neil Snowdon (NCC Traffic Management Officer). Neil has worked hard to bring this project to completion. Most recently, Neil had plans drawn up for replacement of signage on the A697 in Powburn (see Speed Camera Site Compliance Powburn). This work began, and was completed, in January 2018: making the 30mph zone through Powburn compliant with existing legal requirements.

Wendy has also expressed her thanks to Robbie Burn, the Hedgeley Parish Council, and to County Councillor Glen Sanderson for their active assistance.

We would similarly like to thank all concerned, including Northumbria Police and local residents, for helping to make our roads safer for everyone.


Information, including header image (copyright © NCC 2018), provided by Northumberland County Council (NCC) Communication Team and used with permission. Press Release available at:


  1. 98 in two days shows how bad the problem is ..hopefully people get the message before the busier months ahead…well done to all concerned, will hopefully make Powburn and road users safer as a result

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