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Powburn Golden Jubilee Cookbook Collection

The photographs sourced from the ‘Powburn Golden Jubilee Cookbook Collection’ are from a set of images that were gifted to May Wilson of Powburn, Northumberland UK in 2002. To commemorate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, May compiled a collection of food and drinks recipes into a 72-page booklet (1) that was sold to raise charitable funds for the Powburn & District Community Fund.

To illustrate the booklet, photographs were kindly supplied by Breamish Valley residents Sarah Wilson, Jean Houston, Sheila Muckle, Majorie Greshon, Margaret Givens and Richard Westmacott. The photographs were digitised by Chris Donald of Powburn and 13 out of the 41 donated to the project were used to illustrate the booklet (together with original illustrations by Mike Findlay and Chris Donald).

May has kindly made available the digitised images for use by the Breamish Valley Photographic Collection to extend and enhance its visual social history of the Breamish Valley.

Front cover: Powburn Golden Jubilee Cookbook


CategoryTitleRef No
BuildingsBrandon FarmhouseBVPC0071
BuildingsBreamish HouseBVPC0093
BuildingsCo-operative Stores, HedgeleyBVPC0081
BuildingsHedgeley Co-operative SocietyBVPC0085
BuildingsHedgeley Railway StationBVPC0088
BuildingsHedgeley Station CottagesBVPC0087
BuildingsPowburn SmithyBVPC0106
BuildingsQueen’s Head, GlantonBVPC0108
BuildingsSmithy with HorsesBVPC0092
BuildingsSouth Hedgeley in SnowBVPC0109
BuildingsThe Manse, PowburnBVPC0078
PlacesBrandon FootbridgeBVPC0073
PlacesBranton from Cow HillBVPC0075
PlacesBranton from Mile End WayBVPC0077
PlacesCrawley DeneBVPC0082
PlacesFawdon FarmBVPC0083
PlacesPowburn (Council Houses)BVPC0103
PlacesPowburn (Haystacks)BVPC0102
PlacesPowburn (Looking to Glanton)BVPC0099
PlacesPowburn (No Council Houses)BVPC0104
PlacesPowburn (with Cart)BVPC0098
PlacesPowburn (with Motorbike)BVPC0097
PlacesPowburn Looking Towards ManseBVPC0110
PlacesView from Powburn BridgeBVPC0095
PlacesView of HedgeleyBVPC0107
PlacesView of PowburnBVPC0100
PortraitsPeople at Co-opBVPC0096
PortraitsBranton School PupilsBVPC0079
PortraitsHex and FriendsBVPC0091


  1. Wilson, M. (ed.) (2002) ‘Powburn Golden Jubilee Cookbook: A Commemorative Collection of Recipes’ Powburn: Powburn & District Community Fund.
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