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Powburn from Crawley Hill

Powburn viewed from Crawley Hill


Breamish Valley Photographic Collection




Black and white landscape of Powburn village viewed from part way up Crawley Hill, East of the railway line, presented as a postcard. The railway line can be seen running across the image to the bottom, passing over a bridge. The country lane zig-zaging in the top right, carries on to Branton Village.

A handwritten inscription in white ink reads: “POWBURN 1220 R&G N/(?)”.

The Old Powburn Shop is visible as the end building on the far left.

Detail of the old Powburn Shop taken from the larger image
Detail showing Thompson’s Shop in Powburn

On the reverse of the postcard can be seen a handwritten message addressed to “Miss Thompson./ The Mill House./ Spindleston/ Belford.” The message reads: “Will be down/ Sat-night/ Hope you are/ all keeping well/ C.J.”

Reverse side of postcard of Powburn from Crawley Hill


Exact date unknown. However, the reverse is postmarked 1913. It bears a King George V halfpenny (green) stamp (George reigned from 1910-1936).


Powburn, Northumberland UK.


Unknown. However, this image appears to have been taken by the same photographer who took Bridge Over Pow Burn, as the handwritten reference numbers appear to be sequential, and the handwriting seems to be the same: ‘Bridge Over Pow Burn’ being ‘1221 R&G N’ and ‘1220 R&G N’ for this image (‘Powburn from Crawley Hill’).


Courtesy of, and with permission for use by, May Wilson of Powburn (personal collection).


Fair Dealing.

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