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George Blyth Photographic Collection

The Breamish Valley Photographic Collection houses a collection of around 100 silver gelatin dry photographic negative glass plates taken by GEORGE BLYTH.

The following is an index of 65 photographs from the Breamish Valley Photographic Collection currently available on this website.

[Correct as at: 10 March 2019]

CategoryTitleRef No
AnimalsDressed Heavy Horse BVPC0043
AnimalsHorse with Trophy BVPC0042
AnimalsLying Dog BVPC0044
AnimalsSaddled Horse BVPC0045
AnimalsSix Sheep BVPC0022
AnimalsThree Dogs BVPC0046
BuildingsCottage 1 BVPC0048
BuildingsHall Under Construction BVPC0018
BuildingsHigh Cottages, Wooperton BVPC0033
BuildingsMrs Murdue’s House BVPC0024
BuildingsPercy’s Cross Cottage BVPC0059
BuildingsRoddam Hall 1 BVPC0030
BuildingsRoddam Hall 2 BVPC0047
BuildingsRoseden Cottage BVPC0034
BuildingsRoseden Farmhouse BVPC0025
BuildingsThornton Gledstone’s House BVPC0020
BuildingsWooperton Farmhouse BVPC0017
BuildingsWooperton Hall BVPC0026
BuildingsWooperton Station 1 BVPC0010
BuildingsWooperton Station 2 BVPC0062
BuildingsWooperton Station 3 BVPC0068
GardensFormal Garden BVPC0061
GravesAugustus Edward Burdon Gravestone BVPC0029
GravesHenry Ogle Gravestone BVPC0021
MilitariaSoldiers in Trench BVPC0049
MonumentsPercy’s Cross 1 BVPC0027
MonumentsPercy’Cross 2 BVPC0028
MonumentsPercy’s Leap BVPC0019
PastimesFive in a Boat BVPC0009
PastimesThree in a Boat BVPC0015
PastimesWoman and Girl with Sledges BVPC0041
PlacesPeggy Bell’s Bridge BVPC0197
PortraitsBaby in Chair 1 BVPC0023
PortraitsBaby in Chair 2 BVPC0035
PortraitsBaby in Chair 3 BVPC0038
PortraitsBaby in Pram BVPC0065
PortraitsBoy with Dog and Gun BVPC0064
PortraitsBride and Groom BVPC0055
PortraitsGroup on Grassy Bank BVPC0039
PortraitsHuntsman with Dog BVPC0014
PortraitsMan and Baby BVPC0063
PortraitsOval Portrait of Soldier BVPC0040
PortraitsParents and Five Children BVPC0037
PortraitsPortrait of Two Women BVPC0053
PortraitsSeated Woman BVPC0057
PortraitsSeated Woman with Children BVPC0036
PortraitsShooter with Trophies BVPC0012
PortraitsSoldier at Attention BVPC0007
PortraitsSoldier Sitting with Hat BVPC0016
PortraitsSoldier with Baton BVPC0011
PortraitsSoldier with Family BVPC0008
PortraitsTwo Women Standing 1 BVPC0051
PortraitsTwo Women Standing 2 BVPC0067
PortraitsWedding Group of Nine BVPC0052
PortraitsWedding Group of Seven BVPC0050
PortraitsWoman Wearing Apron 1 BVPC0054
PortraitsWoman Wearing Apron 2 BVPC0056
PortraitsWoman with Book BVPC0058
PortraitsWomen, Baby and Boy BVPC0066
ThoroughfaresCountry Road BVPC0070
ThoroughfaresSnowy Lane BVPC0069
TransportMotorcycle K.T.1790 BVPC0031
TransportMotorcycle 5402 BVPC0013
OtherAlnwick Castle from Lion Bridge BVPC0032
OtherBamburgh Village and CastleBVPC0060
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George Blyth – Photographer
Montage of Victorian postbox and rural countryside scene
George Blyth – postman
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George Blyth – family history
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