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Fair Dealing

Breamish Valley Photographic Collection (“BVPC”) considers the digitisation and display of any image on its website identified as Fair Dealing (“FD Image”) to constitute an exception to UK copyright for the following reasons.

  • BVPC exists primarily for the purpose of archiving and preservation, acting to ensure that the cultural heritage of north Northumberland UK is not lost for future generations.
  • The FD Image cannot readily be replaced, and it is not reasonably practicable to purchase a replacement.
  • The FD Image is typically an orphan work for which one or more of the right holders is either unknown or cannot be found.
  • BVPC sufficiently acknowledges the work of the creators of any FD Image.
  • Only a low resolution copy of an FD Image is displayed on the website.
  • Every FD Image is used only for non-commercial purposes.
  • BVPC’s use of an FD Image does not affect the market for the original work.
  • The amount of the FD Image used is reasonable and appropriate for the purpose of archiving and preservation, and for documenting the social history of north Northumberland UK.

It is not the intention of BVPC to infringe anyone’s legitimate intellectual property rights. If you are the right holder for any FD Image displayed as part of the BVPC collection or know who is and how they can be contacted, please contact us using the Contact Form. We would be pleased to give you full credit and/or remove the image from public display.

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