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Shawdon Hall (in colour)


Breamish Valley Photographic Collection




Colourised landscape orientation image of Shawdon Hall on a postcard. The words ‘Shawdon Hall.’ are inscribed at the top left-hand corner.

Shawdon Hall is a Grade II listed building within Hedgeley Parish, Northumberland. It sits below Titlington Pike, being located between Bolton and Hedgeley. The Hall was built in 1779 by William Hargrave as a two-storey Adam-style country mansion. It has a seven-bay front. The three middle bays comprise the entrance and they are set apart with four supporting columns (pilasters). The triangular gable above the pilasters bears the arms of the Pawson family (George Hargrave Pawson having inherited the property in 1817). At the time of writing (December 2020) the Hall is privately owned.

A brief History of Shawdon Hall (1100-1988) can be found here.


The reverse of the postcard bears a 1904-1910 King Edward VII halfpenny (light green) stamp and is postmarked ’31 December 1907′. This image, therefore, represents the how the hall would have looked prior to 1907.


Shawdon, Northumberland UK [GPS: 55°25’21.675″ N 1°51’18.225″ W].




Courtesy of, and with permission for use by, Graham Williamson of Powburn (personal collection).


Fair Dealing.

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