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Black and white landscape photograph of the old shop in Powburn where Grandma Thompson used to work. A woman and a man can be seen standing in the doorway just behind a horse and cart driven by a man. Five other people (two men and three women) stand to the right of the shop facade, in front of a property with two windows and a door on the ground floor, and three windows on the second floor.

The building is still used today (Jan 2019) as a residential house:

We have owned the property that was the shop since 2003. I’m sure from some of my research into the history, Andrew Thompson and his family lived here from the late 1850s . We would love to know more about our property. We believe that our property the ‘Old Post Office Cottage’ and next door the ‘Old Post Office House’ were once one property. We believe at one point 9 people lived in this property.

Jan Hunter (21 May 2019)
Further information

An account of the Powburn Shop, its relation to the Powburn Post Office and the Thompson family who ran the shop for several decades:


Probably taken at the end of the 19th century.


Powburn, Northumberland UK.




Courtesy of, and with permission for use by, Jean Givens of Brandon (personal collection, 2019).


Copyright © Breamish Valley Photographic Collection (BVPC) 2019. All rights reserved.

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