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Bringing Home the Bacon

Bringing home the bacon


  • Supplying material provision or support
  • Achieving desired results; having success

A common resident bird, the Eurasian blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) usually makes its nest in tree holes. However, it’s well adapted to gardens and will readily use nest boxes or, in my garden this year…in a burglar alarm box! Let’s hope the alarm doesn’t go off, eh? The noise would be deafening!

Blue tits are highly active omnivorous feeders, eating mainly caterpillars, insects, seeds and nuts. The adult in the above image can be seen to be supplying a juicy, green caterpillar to the chicks within. At the height of the breeding season, an adult blue tit may supply one feed to a typical clutch of 7-8 chicks every 90 seconds. Now that really is bringing home the bacon!

Blue tits are fast, acrobatic flyers, timing their incomings and outgoings to perfection, as can be seen in the below sequence of images.

blue tit feeding young 1
Incoming, incoming!
blue tit feeding young 2
Landing gear down!
blue tit feeding young 3
Successful landing
blue tit feeding young 4
In we go

And a few moments later…

blue tit leaving nest
Off we go again!

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