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Bridge Lines

Peggy Bell’s Bridge lines

Bridges are very much a part of the furnished landscape and Peggy Bell’s Bridge, over the River Breamish between Ingram and Linhope, is very much an iconic part of the Breamish Valley landscape.

It’s undergone several transformations over the years (you can see how it looked during the World War I period here).

Currently, it’s an interesting mix of poured-concrete, brutalist architecture, softened by wooden approach railings, and topped with decorative metal fencing. It’s strong geometrical form creates a pleasing contrast sitting on a wide gentle sweep of the river. Like so many things we take for granted, it’s worth another look…

Black and white photo of the underside of a concrete bridge
Underneath the arches
Black and white photo of a bridge over a river
Where a troll might live
Black and white photo of supporting arch on a bridge
Strong geometry
Black and white photo of car crossing a bridge
Brutalist utility
Black and white photo of Peggy Bell's Bridge in Northumberland
From a distance

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