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Breamish Valley War Memorial Project


There is no known local public memorial to the war dead of the Breamish Valley. In response to this, and in the context of the First World War Centenary (Nov 2018), the Breamish Valley War Memorial Project (BVWMP) was initiated in early 2017 by local resident Robbie Burn. The aim is to:

Commemorate individuals who lost their lives in either of the two world wars while serving in the armed forces or directly supporting the armed forces.

Phase one

To identify fallen service personnel and then to create and publish a Roll of Honour.

The Roll of Honour was first published in September 2017.

Phase two

The construction and siting of a physical war memorial within the local community.

Geographical area

The Breamish Valley incorporates the following hamlets and villages:

  • Beanley
  • Brandon
  • Branton
  • East Lilburn
  • Greenside Hill
  • Hedgeley
  • Ilderton
  • Ingram
  • Linhope
  • Lilburn
  • Low Hedgeley
  • New Bewick
  • Newtown
  • North Field
  • Old Bewick
  • Powburn
  • Roddam
  • Roseden
  • Westwood Hall
  • Wooperton


We recognise that, even today, the issue of commemorating our war dead is an emotive one. We have, in good faith, attempted to identify all the individuals from the Breamish Valley who lost their lives and to construct as complete a list as possible. To this end, Robbie Burn, with assistance from interested parties, has undertaken extensive research to identify 39 service personnel (as at 9 October 2018) who lost their lives in either of the two world wars.


We acknowledge that there may be omissions from the list of fallen individuals and, therefore, we have made provision for names to be added. The inclusion criteria, and the procedure for requesting a name to be added to the Roll of Honour and War Memorial, are set out in the following document:

Roll of Honour inclusion criteria icon

Working Principles and Inclusion Criteria

Steering Group

A small Steering Group is currently overseeing the Project. Current membership is:

  • Robbie Burn (Project Lead) Email: Tel: 01665 578576
  • Doreen Burn (Minutes Secretary)
  • Richard Poppleton
  • Sid Smailes
  • Wendy Pattison
  • John Carr-Ellison
  • Graham Williamson

Contributions welcome!

We actively welcome comments or contributions. If you have anything you’d like to input to help progress the Project, then please contact the Project Lead.

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