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Towards the Millennium (1974-2000)

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Social upheaval and nostalgia

The mid 1970s up to 1989 had seen fierce political battles in the UK (think miners’ strike 1984-85) and abroad (think fall of Berlin wall 1989). The feeling of unrest then changed to something a little more optimistic as the UK economy grew through individuals and companies embracing the internet and the free market (think dot-com bubble).

But people still wanted nostalgia and a feeling of stability. The Breamish Village Hall provided this by continuing to offer a wide range of traditional events and activities: enduring as a secure community meeting place and a place of recreation.

Photo of three women dressed as Edwardians
Edwardian Night c. 1978 [Ref: BVPC0495]
Colour photo montage showing wedding receptions of two sisters
Sisters’ wedding receptions: Mary Millican (left) and Theresa Millican (right) 1982 and 1983 [Ref: BVPC0496]
Photo of three people playing carpet bowls
Carpet Bowls 1989 [Ref: BVPC0411]
Photo of man playing accordion
Traditional music at Hedgeley WI 60th celebration 1990 [Ref: BVPC0497]
Photo of women spinning wool outside village hall
North Northumberland Spinners in Breamish Village Hall car park 1992 [Ref: BVPC0406]
Photo of group of people standing outside entrance to village hall, holding cleaning equipment
Cleaning team mid 1990s (L-R: Susan Greshon, John Frater (Jnr.), Moira Brown, Marj Greshon, John Frater (Snr.)) [Ref: BVPC0435]


NB: Dates in (brackets) indicate the year when the images were first shared with either the Breamish Valley Photographic Collection or the Breamish Hall Heritage Project and, therefore, the date when permission to use the images was granted.

  • Header image: BVPC0498: Hedgeley Women’s Institute from ‘Hedgeley WI Golden Jubilee Book 1930-1980’ (2022)
  • BVPC0495: Hedgeley Women’s Institute from ‘Hedgeley WI Golden Jubilee Book 1930-1980’ (2022)
  • BVPC0496: Theresa McCann personal collection (2022)
  • BVPC0411: Janet Shippen personal collection (2022)
  • BVPC0497: Hedgeley Women’s Institute from ‘Hedgeley WI Golden Jubilee Book 1930-1980’ (2022)
  • BVPC0406: Janet Shippen personal collection (2022)
  • BVPC0435: Janet Shippen personal collection (2022)

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