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Breamish Hall Survey Results 2018

Breamish Hall Survey Results 2018 now available

The following message has been received from Doreen Burn (Secretary to the Breamish Hall Committee).

The surveys originated from The Breamish Hall committee as part of our forward planning and we decided to combine with Hedgeley Parish Council as we were going out to the whole community. It also feeds into the Hallmark 3 award. Our next task is to analyse the results and decide on what actions can be taken. Hopefully we will be able to report back to you in future .

We are being interviewed and inspected on Monday 14/1/19 for Hallmark 3, if we are successful we will be the first hall in Northumberland to attain the award, so fingers crossed!

As the inspectors are coming on Monday we would like help to clean the hall on Saturday, hence the poster. We would normally clean the hall anyway at this time of year and again in the summer. Any help we can get would be gratefully received.

Where can I read the results?

All relevant Breamish Hall Documents are now available on the Breamish Hall Documents page

The individual surveys can be read/downloaded here:

Breamish Hall Community Survey Results 2018

Breamish Hall User Group Survey Results 2018

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