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Breamish Hall into the 21st Century

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Maintaining the fun

Moving into the 21st century brought new demands and expectations regarding personal safety, safety of buildings and fitness for purpose that led to an ongoing – and expensive – maintenance programme for the Breamish Hall.

The benefit of keeping on top of the maintenance work was that the Breamish Hall [Note 1] could continue as a community owned space where people could meet for charitable purposes and recreation. Many of the activities and events that had taken place in the early days of the West Hedgeley Jubilee Hall have continued from the year 2000 onwards: parties, lunches, dances, music, quizzes, prize-giving, and so on.

Poster advertising a Local Food & Crafts Day 2014
Local Food & Crafts Day 2014
Photo of three table tennis tables with players at each table
Table Tennis 2016 [Ref: BVPC0502]
Group of people enjoying a Race Night at village hall
Race Night 2016 [Ref: BVPC0503]
Photo of Santa Claus visiting Breamish Hall
Santa visits Breamish Hall 2017 [Ref: BVPC0504]
Photo of the Happy Cats performing live at Breamish Hall
Happy Cats performing live 2017 [Ref: BVPC0505]
Poster advertising a Willow Workshop at the Breamish Hall
Willow Workshop 2019
Collage of two photos - one showing boxes of apples, the other showing a man pouring apples from a bucket
Apple Day 2022 [Ref: BVPC0527 and BVPC0528]


  1. Between 1974-2002, the hall’s registered name was ‘Breamish Village Hall’. From 2022 onwards it was registered as ‘The Breamish Hall, Powburn’ – but known simply as the ‘Breamish Hall’ (see Charity Begins at Hall).


NB: Dates in (brackets) indicate the year when the images were first shared with either the Breamish Valley Photographic Collection or the Breamish Hall Heritage Project and, therefore, the date when permission to use the images was granted.

  • Header image: BVPC0501: Graham Williamson personal collection (2016)
  • BVPC0502: Graham Williamson personal collection (2016)
  • BVPC0503: Graham Williamson personal collection (2016)
  • BVPC0504: Graham Williamson personal collection (2017)
  • BVPC0505: Graham Williamson personal collection (2017)
  • BVPC0527 (boxes of apples): Graham Williamson personal collection (2022)
  • BVPC0528 (Robbie Burn): Graham Williamson personal collection (2022)

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