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Breamish Hall Calendar now available

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NB: As of 30 October 2019, the Breamish Hall Calendar is no longer hosted on this website. See for further details.

Breamish Hall Calendar online

See what’s on!

We’re pleased to announce that there is now an online calendar showing all events scheduled to take place at Breamish Hall, Powburn.

Visitors to the website can now easily look up what’s taking place: regular classes, one-off events, community meetings, etc.

You can view events by week, month or agenda (list) view.

Book your event

Looking to book Breamish Hall for your family, community, business or group event? Take a look at our online calendar first to see if your preferred date is available. Then contact:

Julia Simpson Tel: 01665 578557 or 07776 083662 Email:

So, where is this calendar?

You can easily find the calendar by clicking the relevant button on the ‘Events‘ page

or you can

  • click the relevant button on the Directory page
  • click the relevant button on the Breamish Hall directory listing
  • or, if you want to go there right now, just click the button below…

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