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Branton Lakes Nature Reserve wildlife report 2016

Wildlife report 2016

Following the transfer of ownership of Branton Nature Conservation Area/Branton Ponds from Cemex to the Hedgeley Estate, it was felt important to collect as much data as possible on the state of the wildlife on the site.

Consequently, Alnwick Wildlife Group (AWG) took the lead in compiling data. Almost all the records have come directly from members of AWG or from visits organised by AWG members. In particular, Ian and Keith Davison visited the site on an almost daily basis and have contributed the majority of the bird records and the ‘other sightings’ records. In addition, Stewart Sexton and Alan Fairclough organised a moth trapping night, and Richard Poppleton organised all the botanical survey visits.

All the data have been collected into a comprehensive report that lists the numerous:

  • plants
  • birds
  • moths
  • other sightings (e.g. mammals, amphibians, fish, reptiles)

The wildlife report 2016 was a sizable undertaking and it will add substantially to our ‘fund of knowledge’ regarding the wildlife in the Branton Lakes Nature Reserve. It will be of huge assistance in monitoring the success or otherwise of the conservation efforts for years to come. A debt of thanks is due to all the members of the Alnwick Wildlife Group and associates who voluntarily carried out this important work.

Read the report

You can read and download the wildlife report 2016 here

Branton Lakes wildlife report


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