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Branton Lakes 360-degrees

Branton Lakes 360 degrees view!

I’ve just had an email from Cheltenham-based photographer David Hanks who has recently been staying at the River Breamish Caravan Club site.

He’s created a stunning 360-degrees aerial view of Branton Lakes Nature Reserve.

If you want to see the Branton Lakes and the immediate surrounding area like (I suspect) you’ve never seen before then take a look at David’s work here:

360-degrees icon

So how is it done?

Well, as might be expected, David uses a drone with attached camera. He explains the process as follows.

To add a few more details of the 360/180° (technical name ‘equirectangular projection’), I usually take them from 50 metres (we are allowed to go to 120 metres maximum under CAA [Civil Aviation Authority] regulations) but this one was done at 100 metres, being unable to see much of the River Breamish Caravan Club site at 50m because of the trees. They generally require taking about 50 overlapping shots on manual exposure, stitching them all together later in some rather complex software that requires a fair bit of user input. The same set of 50 shots also enable me to create a ‘stereographic down’ perspective (popular name ‘Tiny Planet’) as below:

Branton Lakes Tiny Planet 100m 2000px c. David Hanks 2018

Click for larger image

‘Tiny Planet’ of Branton Lakes Nature Reserve at 100m

(Image © David Hanks 2018. Used with permission.)

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