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Border Trail Race 2018 (Ingram to Wooler)

Northumberland Fell Runners Border Trail Race

The first of the Glen and Jack McWilliams’ Border Trail Race Series 2018 took place on Sunday 11 March 2018.

This was a simple point-to-point race, with around 112 runners being transported by coach from Wooler Bus Station to the start location at Ingram.

Everyone seemed in good spirits – at least at the start of the race near the Reaveley turn-off just up from Ingram.

Border Trail Race (3P8A6347) trail blazers

Border Trail Race trailblazers

Border Trail Race (3P8A6355) early starters

Some of the early starters along the Breamish Valley

Border Trail Race (3P8A6363) group of runners

Group of runners clearly enjoying themselves

Border Trail Race (3P8A6366) coaches returning

Coaches returning to start point in Wooler

Border Trail Race (3P8A6370) just one to go



[Provided by Northumberland Fell Runners]

1st Paul Harrison (1h 14m 19s)

2nd Graham Pearson (1h 15m 20sec)

3rd Mark Davinson (1h 17m 03s)


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