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Bird on a Wire – Frog on the Floor

Bird on a wire above you!

Got to keep reminding myself to keep looking up and keep looking down when I’m out and about. Of course, with the easing out of lockdown, we’re now able to get out and about a lot more, and more than once a day. Feels good if you can take advantage of this, doesn’t it? So, that means more opportunities to look.

And looking up, I saw one of those little birds that I’ve seen before, perched on a wire – just doing its thing, just being a bird, just singing it’s little heart out:

Thrush on a wire
Thrush on a wire

So, I watched and listened to this little fella for a while. Then, when he’d had enough, along came a buddy to take his place:

bird on a wire chiffchaff
Chiffchaff on a wire

It was another little bird with a distinctive call – the chiffchaff.

Look where you’re walking!

Of course, if we walk around looking up all the time we’re bound for a tumble. Better to look where we’re walking. Good job too, as along several stretches of footpath around Branton Lakes Nature Reserve there are dozens and dozens of tiny froglets. Had I not looked down I would have inevitably stamped on several of these tiny creatures. And, sadly, the path is strewn with the evidence that very many of them have already been trampled under human feet.

So, I hope we can all take care that we don’t unnecessarily squish the young frogs if we’re enjoying a wander around the Branton lakes.

That said, they are well worth watching. Yesterday, when I took these photos, the majority were only about 2 cm long and you could still see a short, tail stub – a remnant of its earlier ‘tadpole with legs’ stage.

Frog on the floor at Branton Lakes
2 cm froglet with tail stub
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