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Beginner Ukulele Classes

Beginner Ukulele Classes at Breamish Hall

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument?

Have you considered the ukulele?

Its unique sound attracts thousands of enthusiasts around the world.

Evening Classes for Beginners

Photo of body of tenor ukulele

We have the opportunity to start Beginner Ukulele Classes run by the very experienced Malcolm Pringle.


Tuesday evenings (time to be arranged)


Breamish Hall in Powburn

Do I need my own instrument?

We have a limited number of ukuleles available for people who don’t have their own.

However, if you have your own ukulele, please bring it along.

I’d like to join in, what do I do now?

To confirm the start of any classes, we need to know how many people would like to attend.

So, please contact May Wilson to let her know that you’re interested in attending:

May Wilson Mob: 07901860613 Tel: 01665 578576 Email:


Here’s some information that might help you decide if learning the ukulele is right for you.

Photo of headstock of a tenor ukulele

Is the ukulele easy to learn?

The ukulele is a relatively easy instrument to learn. Its small size also means that it’s easy to carry around. Even beginners can learn a few simple chords and be playing in no time.

Of course, improving your playing will take time and practise but…you’ve got to begin somewhere. So, the Beginner Ukulele Classes at Breamish Hall would be an ideal starting point.

Do I need musical talent?

Not really. Learning the ukulele is like learning any new thing (a language, how to crochet). You’ll need to be patient. You’ll also need to be prepared to keep taking small steps – and making mistakes: it’s all part of the fun process of learning. And we’re all in it together!

Are there any health benefits?

There’s emerging evidence that learning to play a musical instrument is good for your physical health: it improves posture, hand-eye coordination, etc. It’s also good for your mental health: practising a little each day and thinking through how to play sequences of notes is great mind work. It can also give a sense of accomplishment, as you learn to play your first tunes.

I’ve decided – the ukulele is for me!

That’s good news! Please remember to contact May Wilson to let her know that you’re interested in attending the Beginner Ukulele Classes (contact details above).

Poster with photo of ukulele

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