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Backfilling Log Matrix

Backfilling log matrix along the Breamish

After driving in several vertical posts and continuing to line them up along the riverbank, the contractors undertaking the River Breamish Riverbank Protection works have been spending hours backfilling the log matrix.

The log matrix is a sturdy structure constructed of vertical posts placed approximately 1m apart and supported by horizontal posts that are secured with steel pins. A strong hessian cover helps to hold the backfill material in place.

Construction of log matrix showing hessian cover and backfill

The log matrix is filled using brash and soil/cobble material extracted from the riverbed. This also serves to create an artificial ‘flood plane’ that assists in keeping any high water away from the riverbank itself.

Backfill extracted from riverbed on left
Artificial ‘flood plane’ (looking upstream)
‘Flood plane’ (looking downstream)
Fish barrier prevents fish re-entering work site
Approx. 18m stretch of log matrix


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