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Back Adder

Back Adder Feb 2022

Ah…it’s always a sign that Spring is just around the corner – when the adders come back. Seeing your first adder of the season means that Spring is just around the corner. And yesterday (27 Feb 2022), I did indeed see my first – just the one, and here it is:

Photo of a coiled adder sunning itself in undergrowth
My first adder of the season

I spotted it in the usual place – on the sunny side of the street, in front of the Branton Lakes Nature Reserve.

I’m not claiming that it’s the first of the season (as I haven’t been looking consistently throughout February) but it’s the first I’ve seen this year – and slightly later than last year when I saw my first adder of 2021 two days earlier on 25 February. Certainly, the end of February is the time to begin seeing these wonderful animals, as they emerge to warm themselves.


Adders are protected and it is against the law to intentionally kill or harm them. They are not aggressive by nature, and they will typically disappear into undergrowth rather than bite something larger than themselves.

Treat them respectfully and observe from a distance.

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