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Alnwick Sings (May 2018)

Alnwick Sings an exciting double bill

from the combined choirs of Alnwick District

Magnificat – John Rutter

This poetic outpouring of praise, joy and trust in God is a delightful interpretation of St Luke’s tribute to the Virgin Mary. The rich sounds of over 200 singers and the lustrous, powerful voice of the internationally known mezzo, Hanna-Liisa Kirchin, accompanied by an instrumental ensemble including harpist Janet Bennett, will inspire and move you.  Rutter’s inimitable style produces tunes that will still be swirling in your head long after the performance.

Director – Peter Brown.

Ahoy!  Sing for the Mary Rose – Alexander L’Estrange

The combined choirs are supplemented with more local singers to number 250 and are joined by a children’s choir of 100 to perform this joyous and brilliantly inventive cantata.  It describes, in a fusion of Tudor music and sea shanties, the launch, fighting career and sinking of Henry VIII’s iconic flagship. The band’s rhythm section (piano, double bass, drums) is augmented by a fiddle and accordion to produce a jaunty, nautical background and Hanna-Liisa Kirchin provides the narration and additional solos.

Director – Caroline Fentiman.

Alnwick Sings May 2018 poster


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