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All’s Well in Powburn

A new well wall in Powburn



As round as an apple, as deep as a cup,
And all the king’s horses can’t fill it up.

If you’ve visited the Powburn Community Garden recently you’ll likely have seen that good progress is being made in making the ‘well’ in the garden safe for visitors. A new, low stone wall has now been erected around the well (strictly speaking, it’s a drain – but it’s more romantic to think of it as a well, isn’t it?). The wall has been capped off with some attractive flat coping stones and it’s now just awaiting the installation of a metal grid to cover the top opening.

Photo of low wall around a square well
Newly-walled well showing coping stones

The work is of a high standard and the stone used is very much in keeping with the local area. So, a big thank you to Steven Alderson who has been carrying out this work!

Close up photo of stone wall
Wall detail

As the former ground-level drain (that takes water to the nearby Pow Burn) is at the bottom of the steps leading into the garden from the A697, this new wall will make it safer for people, especially children, when accessing the area. This is especially welcome at this time, with the possibility of being able to begin once more to hold community events in the garden after the very long lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo looking down into the newly walled well at Powburn
Looking into the well
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