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Adders 2021

Adders 2021 – one year on

Like many people in the area, I really enjoy this time of the year and the anticipation of seeing my first adder of the season.

The earliest I’ve spotted one is 20 February (2018). Last year, I saw my first adder on 26 February (2020) and today – one year on – I saw my first three adders of 2021.

Not exactly as regular as clockwork but, well…this is clearly the time to be on the lookout. As previously, I saw these adders basking on the south facing hedgerow banks at Branton Lakes Nature Reserve, along the road heading into Branton.

Photo of male adder  basking in afternoon sun
My first adder of the season

The characteristic black zig-zag pattern identifies this adder as a male (female adders have brown zig-zags).

Photo of male adder sunning itself on a hedgerow bank
Adder basking in mid-afternoon sun
Photo of stretched out adder moving through undergrowth
Adder on the move

Look – but don’t touch!

Adders are protected by law. It is illegal to intentionally injure or kill them. They are not aggressive and their instinct is to disappear into undergrowth rather than bite something larger than they are.

There is very little chance of being bitten by an adder, as long as you treat them with respect – and observe them from a distance.

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