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Adder ‘Nother One!

And another adder

March to October is the perfect time of the year for seeing adders in the countryside. Having seen my first of this year’s season in mid March 2024, they appear to be plentiful around the Branton Lakes.

I saw this one on the south-facing banks of the Branton Lakes Nature Reserve yesterday:

Close up photo of an adder in grass
Basking adder at Branton Lakes
Close up photo of an adder in grass
Adder remaining very still
Close up photo of an adder in grass
Just a slight movement of the head

More about adders

Photo of two adders

Adders are the UK’s only venomous snakes. They are a fascinating species native to Northumberland. These carnivorous reptiles, scientifically known as Vipera berus, prefer habitats such as woodland, heathland, and moorland. During the warmer months, from March to October, adders can often be seen basking in the sun (as shown in the above images). They are known for their distinctive zig-zag pattern and vary in colour, with males typically being more silvery-grey and females tending towards a reddish-brown. While they are venomous, adders are generally shy and avoid human contact: incidents of them biting humans are rare.

Do not disturb!

Adders are protected by law and it is illegal to intentionally injure or kill them. Enjoy looking at then – from a distance – and try to disturb them as little as possible.


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