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Add Another Adder

Another adder at Nature Reserve

A favourite pastime at this time of the year, as we move into Spring, is looking for adders basking at the Branton Lakes Nature Reserve. For one reason and another, I’ve been a little slow getting out and about this year but I did manage to see this adder just a few days ago (16 March 2024).

It was quite late in the afternoon (15:42) and this adder was quite still, absorbing the last remnants of sunlight for the day.

An adder lying in long grass
A very still adder

Obviously not wanting to disturb the snake, I watched from a safe distance for several minutes. In all that time, it barely moved. You can see from the image below that it just shifted its head slightly – its eye (emphasised in the photo below) is now forward of the blade of grass that is covering its eye in the above image.

Close up photo of an adder lying in long grass
A slightly shifted adder

So, this was the first adder I’d seen this year but several people in the Breamish Valley were reporting sightings form around the middle of February 2024.

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