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A1 Resurfacing (March 2018)


Residents will likely be aware of  recent announcements in the local press regarding Highways England’s intention to fully close part of the A1 in our region for 17 days, as from 2 March 2018. Robbie Burn (Chair: Hedgeley Parish Council) has already written to Jill Thornhill of Highways England expressing concern regarding the safety implications of increased traffic flow through Powburn and Low Hedgeley along the A697.

A1 Resurfacing: Wandylaw to Warenford

Hedgeley Parish Council has just received  information from Highways England explaining the reason for the closure. In a leaflet entitled ‘A1 Wandylaw to Warenford Resurfacing’, Highways England state:

We will be resurfacing 4 miles of the A1 between Wandylaw and Warenford. This is part of our programme of road maintenance work across the region – making people’s journeys smoother and safer. We’re using new resurfacing technology to get this work completed quicker, helping you to get back on your way.

You can download a copy of the leaflet here:

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The leaflet ‘A1 Wandylaw to Warenford Resurfacing’ contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 and it, together with the header image, is used with permission under this licence.


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